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Tailored Maintenance Packages

What We Provide

Spring & Fall Cleanups

One of the most important elements of keeping your property beautiful is spring and fall cleanups. At these seasonal visits we will remove leaves, cut back perennials, pull out annuals, and clean gutters. This service is very customizable to meet your needs!

Mulching and Edging

Mulching is the key to keeping your landscaping looking fresh, and edging keeps your beds looking sharp while preventing washout. We re-edge your beds by hand and remove the sod to re-define as well as prevent your lawn from growing into your mulch beds. Yearly mulch applications help prevent weeds naturally, but we also offer a pre-emergent application. Every spring we offer this service in lieu with our spring cleanup, preparing your landscaping to look its best for the summer season.

Lawn Care

Another facet of our maintenance package is lawn care. We mow, trim, line trim, aerate, weed treat, and fertilize your lawn to maintain health and a desirable lush green appearance. We customize your lawn care to suit your needs.

Bed Maintenance

One of the things that sets us apart from other landscaping companies is we offer a bed maintenance service to our maintenance package. Bed Maintenance is a weekly or biweekly service where we weed, fertilize, deadhead, prune, and care for your flower beds, shrubs, and bushes, as well as outdoor kitchen and furniture cleaning. We make sure your property is in tip top shape on a consistent basis so you can enjoy your outdoor space all summer long.

By selecting "Get in Touch", you will open our checklist to select the services you desire and either email or mail in the form.  We can review the desired services and come up with a maintenance proposal tailored to your needs.

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