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Seasonal Container Insert Program

Starting March 1, 2024, we will be opening preorders for a new program where we work with you to customize* container inserts for a quick and easy arrangement you can just pop into your existing patio pots! Offering 3 color palettes and 3 sizes to chose from, with 3 season options!

*This is a different program from our custom containers. Inserts for preexisting customer pots only.

Seasonal Container Insert Form

Choose season(s)

Each season is a different planting with appropriate annuals or preserved/fresh cut greenery. The month listed beside each season is when your insert will be planted for that season.

 Bundle all 3 seasons for a discount. 

Choose your size & quantity:

Tropical Shades

Tropical Shades Palette.jpeg



Once you have submitted this form, we will review your submission and send you a quote based on your custom selections. Customer will need to approve quote before order can be finalized.

Plastic pot liners (inserts), soil, labor, time release fertilizer, and plants are all included in quoted price.

Customer is responsible for pickup/dropoff of liners each season and will be notified when order is ready. Must pick up within 1 week of being notified. 

Thanks for submitting!

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